Join an engineering environment, with multiple DevOps teams working on different products and infrastructures, supporting them with various security engineering related areas. Think areas like application security, cloud security, triaging issues and giving whatever support needed in other security areas required!

You are a hands on, get things done security professional with the ability to work with multiple stakeholders (other security team members, product teams, external collaborators), bringing your security experience and problem solving approach and good communication skills to support secure the environments / applications and overall improve the security maturity of things.

As it’s an environment where a lot of critical, scalable, CI/CD type of infra/products are being build, the following are important to successfully contribute to the security team efforts:

  • Not afraid to delve into solving problems with others, get your hands dirty and work on operationally contributing for that (think of take ownership of security tickets coming in for various issues; fixing security tooling, triaging an incident, security checks etc.
  • Do the above with an improvement mentality; bring your experience / skills to the table to get things better than you found them.
  • Don’t be afraid to jump into areas where you don’t have a lot of experience in (e.g. give help to an incident outside your comfort zone, learn how to better triage, investigate on how to fix something you haven’t work with before etc.)
  • Comfortable with bringing your security engineering skills to link with other security or development areas (monitoring/detection related alerts linking to an application/infrastructure that needs checking, script/adjust code of scripts to fix things going wrong.
  • Be able to analyze, tweak and fix automation related tasks/scripts/tools.
  • Bring an overall security mindset to what you do, influencing the other stakeholders to think security, as well as understand security related implications of the things, you / others in the teams you collaborate with, are working with.
  • Be comfortable with working with tools like or similar to GitLab / GitHub / Azure DevOps, Splunk / datadog or other similar platforms, other security automation tools, and be comfortable with scripting (e.g. using Python).
  • Don’t have to know everything; have the right mentality to quickly figure things out, or learn from others! Lots of room for that in this environment and collaboration / learning mindset in general in the teams.

Could you contribute in successfully supporting in such an environment, while having the chance to also pick up new skills / be exposed to new technologies, tools and methodologies? Reach out for a conversation now!

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