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Across all facets of information security, whether People, Processes, or Technology focused, our security solutions, technical and non-technical, come with your “business success first” mindset and approach. Throughout the years, we’ve managed to successfully help organizations with varying information security needs, at different phases of their journey and with various types of capabilities. Utilizing our ability to bring forward both customized technical and advisory type security services as well as people driven solutions, you can have a partner to help think along, guide and challenge when needed, to effectively align you security efforts with your business goals.


Security can be complex, tricky to implement and hard to make sticky. What does my business need to do to be secure, protect its assets and its users, and get ahead of the growing threats out there? No matter in which phase you are in your organizational growth, we can work closely together to navigate through a security path that’s appropriate, pragmatic and impactful, helping identify and action the right security initiatives, aligning them with your business priorities.

Where do I start? How do I prioritize? What’s important to secure my business and products? How do I make a case internally for security budget? These are questions we help find (the right) answers to, every day, helping organizations create the most impact, making the most of the time and resources invested in their information security related efforts.

Our approach is always along the lines of helping build internal security capabilities, while maintain the ability to flexibly gain access to specific security focus area expertise, when needed and as needed.

For small to medium organizations with limited, or no internal security capabilities, we provide security-as-a-service solutions, and help where it makes sense to build up internal security and privacy by design knowhow and expertise. This can be, starting a security practice the right way, bringing in information security officer as a service expertise to help them start, and provide security assessments and testing services, as well as ad hoc specialized security and privacy advice and services, as they grow.

For large, mature organizations, that have established practices, we help grow their security teams with talent from the global security community, help bring in specific capabilities improvements, get access to interim security specialists and complement their internal efforts with capacity building. We also help benchmark the industry to attract, retain and better empower their internal people grow and thrive, as well as aid with understanding the market and better position their security products, and where it makes sense, grow through M&A.

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When building or expanding information and cyber security teams you want to engage a capable talent solutions partner that delivers. With over 10+ years of combined experience we assist organizations in recruiting and engaging governance, technical and commercial information and cyber security professionals. Whether you need to engage qualified professionals for an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year or permanently – we partner with you to find and recruit the best professionals.


We assist corporations with building information security consultancy practices, help niche companies grow offensive teams and support expert companies in growing their specialist capabilities. From managed security services to business development, or from embedded security to ICS/SCADA forensics – with our collaborative approach we work together with you to attract professionals from C-level to analyst. In cyber security timing is everything, and we understand the necessity to engage the right people when needed. We understand what’s realistic, what’s achievable and in what timeframe. Whether you seek an individual specialist or  an entire cyber security team; working with us means joining efforts with a capable partner. Read our success stories for more information about what we achieve together with our clients!

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We build information and cyber security knowledge and capabilities for companies and organizations in Europe. From our regional offices we deliver security services, and recruit professionals globally that aspire to advance their career at the best organizations in Europe through permanent employment or project assignments. Our regional offices also serve to establish and maintain local networks that share opportunities and relevant market developments that influence information and cyber security initiatives and talent pools.

With the high demand for information and cyber security expertise in Europe, being able to put diverse teams together to deliver quality security solutions, and be able to recruit from local and international talent pools remains key to adequately staffing information and cyber security teams and providing the right security services. Moreover, attracting the best talent globally promotes the implementation of international best practice standards and contribute to workforce diversity. This ability is valuable when assembling international teams that cover wider geographic areas (e.g. SOC servicing wider regions, sales teams covering wider markets, etc.), have distributed teams to capture expertise in different areas, or have business physically and virtually servicing global markets and international customers that needs the equivalent people and capabilities to properly secure it.

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