We believe strongly in empowering people through continuous learning. This is why, along with our security services, we build careers in information and cyber security together with the best organizations in Europe.

As the information and cyber security industry matures, Base Cyber Security offers a strong foundation for its services and careers. Through our advisory and talent services we create a common language while introducing benchmarks and standards to the benefit of the industry. Our advisory approach creates true partnerships with both professionals and organizations, bringing together best in class when it comes to organizational needs and professional’s expertise.

People enable information and cyber security and we help them and the organizations they work with facilitate career growth and create opportunities. Together, we contribute to a much needed larger talent pool of relevant expertise. Together, we build better security services, and are able to provide the organizations we deliver these to, not just limited expertise, but the best of industry wide, specialization deep, security teams. Together with professionals, organizations and the community we contribute to safer, shared digital environments and societies through the people of cyber security.

Together, we are BASE.

We focus on the people that enable information and cyber security

Our mission is to deploy good hackers* against bad hackers.

(*…including non-technicals!)

We help information and cyber security professionals grow and develop their careers. Understand what career paths are available in information and cyber security. Find challenging projects to take on. Explore new niche security areas. Collaborate to deliver multi-specialist security services to organizations. Support them to be able to give back and contribute to the greater mission.


We help companies and organizations to strengthen their cyber security teams & capabilities. Build the right type of teams, attract the right experts, find and put to work the right type of security solutions and services, add value to their overall efforts.



Economies and societies are becoming increasingly digitalized and hyperconnected. Millions of people around the world rely on capable information and cyber security professionals to protect their privacy, freedom and safety.

But there is a severe shortage of these professionals and organizations are challenged to staff their cyber teams. There is a growing need for people (good hackers) that understand cyber threats and know what do to and how to use the latest tools to respond to live attacks in real world situations (bad hackers). This includes professionals capable of writing effective organization-wide policies to those that provide security awareness trainings, conduct forensics, research or market new cyber defense products and services. The same growing need is there for the right, quality security services, scoped, planned and delivered with value and impact in mind via people that can link and align information security efforts with business drivers.

Contributing to safer, shared digital environments and societies through the people of cyber security.


We build information and cyber security knowledge and capabilities for companies and organizations in Europe. From our regional offices we deliver security services, and recruit professionals globally that aspire to advance their career at the best organizations in Europe through permanent employment or project assignments. Our regional offices also serve to establish and maintain local networks that share opportunities and relevant market developments that influence information and cyber security initiatives and talent pools.

With the high demand for information and cyber security expertise in Europe, being able to put diverse teams together to deliver quality security solutions, and be able to recruit from local and international talent pools remains key to adequately staffing information and cyber security teams and providing the right security services. Moreover, attracting the best talent globally promotes the implementation of international best practice standards and contribute to workforce diversity. This ability is valuable when assembling international teams that cover wider geographic areas (e.g. SOC servicing wider regions, sales teams covering wider markets, etc.), have distributed teams to capture expertise in different areas, or have business physically and virtually servicing global markets and international customers that needs the equivalent people and capabilities to properly secure it.

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