Information and cyber security talent service provider and career specialist. We attract and engage information and cyber security professionals globally for assignments and careers in Europe.


Specialist provider of information and cyber security professionals. We advise and build information and cyber security teams for permanent and temporary employment at companies throughout Europe.

Helping organizations and professionals build knowledge and capabilities in information and cyber security

For infosec professionals

Your career and next project partner:

  • Advice on growing your career in cyber security
  • Security jobs, projects and interim roles
  • Advice on companies, salaries and living across Europe
  • Taking the step towards consulting / freelancing
  • Helping start / transition to cyber security

For companies with cyber security challenges

Solutions that meet your needs:

  • Advice on setting up and growing your teams in Europe
  • Identify and recruit information security specialists
  • Flexible, project related IT security talent resources
  • Ongoing talent branding and engagement services
  • Security talent market insight across the globe

Safer, shared, digital environments

Around the world businesses and governments using the internet are deploying more and more complex inter-networked information systems. Information and cyber security professionals ensure that these networks and systems remain adequately secured, protecting sensitive data and critical infrastructure. Technology alone cannot protect an organization’s information assets; people are the key to secure organizations. Organizations demand qualified professionals to provide the best security expertise to protect customers, employees, shareholders and partners. BASE CYBER SECURITY provides these professionals through advisory, interim and recruitment services. Our clients are private and public organizations that contribute to the creation of safer, shared, digital environments and societies. Our international offices and network allow us to identify talent globally, promoting international collaboration and best practice implementation.