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As an ambitious professional you want to ensure your career is not limited in terms of challenge, growth or compensation. Access to the right information leads to a better understanding of where you are – and where you can go. Working with us means we keep you informed about market developments and help you seize opportunities to the benefit of your career.

Together, we build your career in information and cyber security with the best organizations in Europe

As a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, CEOs, CIOs, CISOs and other IT management and leadership roles we often know about upcoming opportunities ahead of time. We are regularly involved in the pre-recruitment phase to help determine timeframes for the setup of information and cyber security teams. Information and cyber security professionals considering their next career step benefit from our market knowledge and network. Once an opportunity has been identified we subsequently guide you through the selection process; from your initial application to your first work day. We continue to support your career progress by providing career guidance based on our market knowledge and insight. Our unique network allows us to share available future opportunities, benchmark your abilities and most importantly – find you engagements that you truly enjoy.

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We build information and cyber security teams for companies and organizations in Europe. From our regional offices we recruit professionals globally that aspire to advance their career at the best organizations in Europe through permanent employment or project assignments. Our regional offices also serve to establish and maintain local networks that share opportunities and relevant market developments that influence information and cyber security talent pools.

With the high demand for information and cyber security expertise in Europe, being able to recruit from local and international talent pools remains key to adequately staffing information and cyber security teams. Moreover, attracting the best talent globally promotes the implementation of international best practice standards and contribute to workforce diversity. This ability is valuable when assemble international teams that cover wider geographic areas (e.g. SOC servicing wider regions, sales teams covering wider markets, etc.).

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