“The world needs good hackers to keep out the bad ones”

If you are an information or cyber security professional looking for a project, job or consultancy assignment in your area of expertise, we are here to connect you with local and international companies and organizations looking for talent. Jobs are available in multiple locations throughout Europe and several international cities globally. Even if you are not looking for a new role right this moment, connect with us to keep in touch for future opportunities, as well as to discuss current industry developments and of course your career. Also keep in mind that the vacancies above are a selection of open roles that can be publicly shared; we often help companies and organizations with non-public, confidential talent searches, which means that those roles or projects will not be published on our website or online. As we maintain good relationships with security teams we pro-actively work together with professionals to approach opportunities and interesting organizations. Be sure to reach out to us, we look forward to having a conversation with you!