Base @ Hack In Paris 2018 – Security Conference

Security Trainings Monday 25 June – Wednesday 27 June
Infosec Conference Thursday 28 June – Friday 29 June 

Maison de la Chimie – Paris, France 

Are you at Hack In Paris this year & would you like to meet the Base Team, it would be great to meet you there!

Hack in Paris is back, bigger, stronger, better! The 8th edition of this technical security conference has got it all:
– Nice variety of trainings:
HIP kicks off as previews years with 3 Days Trainings, ranging from IoT Hacking, to Reverse Engineering, to Pentesting ICS. Check out the trainings line up here, spots still available – check it out!
– Good line up of speakers:
HIP continues with a two day Conference, with a great variety of presentation in topics varying from secure software development (SDLC) lifecycle, to hardware related security topics like pawning IoT devices, to PBX vulnerabilities and NFX Relay & Replay attacks, to car hacking and network related attacks with IPv6 going mainstream. 

What to expect?
As a smaller, technically focused event, with lots of offensive security content, you get a great chance to catch up with the information security community, listen in some great presentations and interact with the speakers and make the most of your time in Paris! 

The crowd and the event is truly international (full event, trainings & conference presentations are in English), gathering in a great venue in the center of Paris, with a nice diversity of security topics, trainers, speakers and of course members from the infosec community around the world, to engage with, exchange thoughts and be triggered by! 


Check out the full details of the training days here!

Training Days!

Check out the complete schedule for the conference here!

Complete Schedule!

Need more reasons to go? 

Nuit du Hack:
Combine your visit to HIP and Paris with the biggest hacking yearly gathering in France, the Nuit du Hack! This takes places after the HIP conference, on the 30th of June and 1st of July. All the details in English here – check it out!

Check out some picture from previous year’s of the HIP conference, and take a look at what professionals that have been the before, from around the world, as trainees, conference participants or contributors shared below (more coming soon!). 

Need some help with getting an admission ticket?
In the spirit of giving the chance to more information security professionals to join the event, Base Cyber Security through HIP is giving out 2 tickets for this year’s 8th edition conference.  

Want to be part of the drawing for those two tickets? Fill in the simple form, give us your motivation (a one liner will do!), and enter the drawing! The drawing winners will be contacted on the 18th of May. 

Already got an event ticket or can’t make the event? Be sure to share this with other infosec friends, colleagues or the community and help them get the chance to a conference ticket! 



*this is not a monetary reward or has no monetary equivalent value. The drawing initiative is done in the spirit of helping the international security community get the chance to join a good technical security event. Contact details and motivation shared shall remain fully confidential, and lucky ticket holders will not be announced in public via full names.

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