ISACA Conference Europe 2022

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ISACA CONFERENCE – Connect. Create. Cultivate. Continue.
CONNECT in person and online with a community of experts, leaders, fellow professionals, ISACA® members and ISACA CMMI® partners from all over the world:
•Be inspired by thought-leading keynote speakers from all corners of the globe.
•Gain the insights of presenters who are experts in their fields.
•Interact with fellow professionals who face and strive to overcome the same challenges you do.
•Engage through the conference portal to make your personal professional network truly global.
CREATE your own learning experience with your choice of topics, ways to learn and the length of time you wish to spend in focus and discovery sessions, peer-to-peer discussions and onsite workshops:
•Embrace new knowledge, tools and techniques in a variety of domains including but not limited to IS/IT, cybersecurity, career development—whatever you need to achieve your goals!
•Learn in person onsite, or online.
•Set your own schedule with a choice of 25-minute, 50-minute and 75-minute sessions.
CULTIVATE a spirit of ongoing knowledge growth and skills advancement that will serve you and your enterprise as ISACA Conference encourages you to:
•Network onsite and virtually with likeminded fellow professionals to share your experiences and gain from new perspectives.
•Be a contributor and dynamic participant in the expanding global ISACA community.
•Build on the knowledge and skills you acquire through future conferences and learning events offered across the globe.
CONTINUE your learning and the conversation this year and into the future:
•Revisit and review what you learned from the conference with our option for online, on-demand streaming access sessions.
•Be a contributor and dynamic participant in the expanding global ISACA community.
•Stay part of the upcoming conversations through ISACA online forums and throughout this year and beyond at ISACA Conference global events, listed below


19 - 21 Oct 2022


All Day


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Rome, Italy
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