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Cyber Resilience Innovation: creating it together!

Date: Thursday 21st September, 2017

Location:  Venture Cafe / CIC: Stationsplein 45, Groothandelsgebouw CIC, 4th Floor, 3013 AK, Rotterdam


Cyber resilience, a topic that’s becoming increasingly relevant to all of us; we all live, work and play in a digital, hyper-connected world. What do we do about making it cyber resilient though?

Join us at Venture Café Rotterdam for an evening of community conversations & exchange of thoughts. An evening of discovery. Becoming cyber resilient is something we can all create together, and everyone’s contribution is needed for strong, cyber resilient societies, business initiatives, cities, and a resilient every day life.

This event is for everyone interested in the digital world we live in and our future in that. The way we live our personal lives, the way we do business, the way we care for our environment and our cities. We all can and should contribute towards a safer, secure, cyber resilient society. It all starts with us as individuals, it comes together by creating it together.

Working and innovating together is the way forward; this session and the topic of cyber resilience is an encompassing one. How can we create a community to take action together, bring innovation to the market, share knowledge and put know how to work? From the products we create and use, to the services we share, to the initiatives we take, it all matters.

Creating a secure digital world, ensuring privacy, having a dependable infrastructure and resilient daily lives is not just a task for techies. It’s for everyone and we can all contribute; the entrepreneur, the inventor, the marketer, the C-level executive; the local, regional and national government, the business world, the organizations and groups advocating and working towards a better society for everyone.

InnovationQuarter and Base Cyber Security will share perspectives on cyber resilience, what it means to you, what great initiatives are already in place and most importantly, how we can all collaborate together, as a community, for a cyber resilient future!

Following the main session, two mini break out sessions will take place. One will focus on the business and governmental contribution to cyber resilience, and the other on the personal relevance. Everyone will have the chance to learn, challenge, share and ultimately contribute to bringing together all stakeholders to form a community of practice, collaborate better, for economic development and a high quality, cyber resilient everyday life for everyone.

The event / venue details:
Base Cyber Security and InnovationQuarter hosts the event and will be part of Venture Café in CiC Rotterdam, so please do check out the rest of the programming that day, it’s worth combining it if you have the time! Join us at the 4th floor of the Groothandelsgebouw (right next to the Rotterdam Central Station).

The schedule for the event:
17:30 – Doors & the Venture Café Bar opens (Venture Café programming starts at 16:00, check it out!)
18:00 – Cyber Resilience Innovation: Creating it together event commences with presentations and discussion on cyber resilience
18:45 – Two break out session start
19:30 – Sessions wrap up and continuing the conversations at the Venture Café Bar area!

InnovationQuarter and Base Cyber Security join forces for this event and creating together a better cyber resilient region and society, through innovation and collaboration.

InnovationQuarter has a mission to strengthen the regional economy in West Holland by supporting and stimulating the innovation potential of this unique delta region. This comes through foreign investment, capital and business development efforts, bringing stakeholders together, enabling collaboration and further innovation, supporting all efforts and creating an environment to benefit all. Through cooperation with all major corporations, educational and research institutions – like the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Delft University of Technology and Leiden University – and government organisations, InnovationQuarter supports technological developments with social impact, encourages entrepreneurship and invests in fast-growing companies.

Base Cyber Security helps organizations build knowledge and capabilities in information security across Europe, as part of its mission towards safer digital environments and societies. Empowering the security community and bringing the greater community together, governments, corporates, education institutions and individuals, to create awareness, mature their capabilities together and find collaboration opportunities and synergies, is a big part of that.

See you on the 21st of September!

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