Discover the future of enterprise identity, security, and governance at Chrysalis IV – where honest discussions among true experts pave the way for industry advancements. In an era where digital capabilities are non-negotiable, this two-day event is your gateway to cutting-edge insights from experts in identity, security, privacy, and governance. Say goodbye to vendor hype and welcome actionable solutions to real-world problems.

Key Highlights:

  • Unbiased assessments of the latest technologies
  • Real-world case studies and lessons learned
  • Tools, templates, and takeaways for implementation
  • Next-gen identity, access, and governance platforms
  • Mitigating AI risks and leveraging AI for security enhancement
  • Modernizing security architecture
  • Assessing leading vendors in IAM, CIAM, PAM, IGA, and more
  • Adapting to passwordless authentication and decentralized identity
  • Integrating zero trust and Web 3.0 capabilities

Our Unique Approach:

  • Objective assessments by TechVision analysts
  • Focus on key decision points and inflection points
  • Analyst-led sessions with invited “short-list” vendors
  • Actionable recommendations, architectures, and requirements
  • Lessons from the trenches for practical insights
  • Industry action items to be considered

Walk away armed with:

  • Vendor capability and strategy comparisons
  • Shortlists for IAM, CIAM, PAM, and more
  • Reference architectures and requirements templates
  • Tailored recommendations for large enterprises
  • Insights from end-users, vendors, analysts, and more

Join us on the forefront of enterprise identity, security, and governance. Register today and secure your organization’s digital future. We must all do better, and Chrysalis IV is your catalyst for improvement.