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Base @ SecTalks Holland –Monthly Security Gathering!

January edition: Cryptography!

Date: Thursday 25th of January 2024

Location: Venture Cafe  at CIC Rotterdam – Stationsplein 45 – 3013 AK Rotterdam – The Netherlands


Topic of the Month: Cryptography!

Ever wondered about the intricacies of cryptography? Join our open conversation session as we delve into the world of cryptography. Explore its applications, discuss best practices, and share your experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge.

January topic of the month: Cryptography!
We’ll get the chance to delve into cryptography, using an example project to trigger a conversation and sharing further thoughts on how cryptography supports the information security “good fight”, related considerations how things can go wrong (e.g. missing the fundamentals,
bad implementations etc.)!

Let’s meet for an informative session where you can ask security experts any questions you have in your mind no mater how basic or advanced that is. Every month we try to have a different topic, and there’s always time to discuss anything important to you as well!

▶️ The heck is SecTalks?
✔️ SecTalks meetups are about participating in IT security discussions, learning from others, and improving problem-solving skills.

▶️ Where & When is this event?
✔️ Every LAST Thursday of the month 18:30 at CIC Rotterdam, (part of Venture Cafe – Venture Cafe is (temporarily?) on halt), SecTalks continues as usual & we still meet at the same place!

▶️ I want to speak at your talk
✔️ Cool, head to secTalks.nl/ and get in touch!

▶️ Does it cost me something?
✔️ No.

▶️ Cool idea, I want to sponsor the event.
✔️ If you want to sponsor these sessions please get in touch with Karim the host twitter @xxByte or Nicolas @nicolasnow

SecTalks takes place at the CIC innovation community – and part of the Venture Cafe Rotterdam gathering which is now (temporarily?) on halt.

Doors for SecTalks open at 17:30 we have drinks (and some snacks). SecTalks session starts at 18:30. If you are there earlier, drop a line so we can connect and socialize more.

💡 Looking for entrepreneurs network in Rotterdam? head to https://www.meetup.com/hackers-makers-founders/
💡 Got feedback? Tweet @xxByte or @nicolasnow

Are you ready?
See you there!

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