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Base Cyber Security Nullcon Conference - InfoSec Event 16

Base @ SecTalks Holland – Monthly Security Gathering! August edition: Infrastructure as Code (IaC) & Security!

Date: Thursday 31th of August 2023

Location: Venture Cafe  at CIC Rotterdam – Stationsplein 45 – 3013 AK Rotterdam – The Netherlands


Summer is here, so a relaxed get-together session for SecTalks Holland this time around, part of the international SecTalks.org technical meetups on information security! Join this monthly series of gatherings, touching on a couple of security topics each time, a short CTF & lots of infosec knowledge sharing.

Topic for the month: Infrastructure as Code (IaC) & Security!

We’ll get the chance to talk about IaC, and in general about automating the provisioning of your infra, and why security considerations become (even more) important in putting the trust in (even more) code ^_^ and automation!

-How’s IaC different than other (more traditional) ways of going about automating things (in CI/CD or other environments)

-Security perspective and how to apply fundamentals to IaC

-We’ll use Terraform as an example tooling for this session

-Share ideas, resources and challenge specifics together

No matter what level you are at, how technical or what specific tooling you’ve used before, the meetup, as always, has an open discussion approach, so bring your curiosity, questions, but also contributions and let’s share and learn together!

Earlier this year, we touched on OSINT, then on Hacking Tools (more from the network side); we continue with a summer session of no specific topic, just a catch up to talk anything infosec! BYOTopic, ideas to be shared or challenged, ask for thoughts on your infosec career or how to start in it or just come for a relaxed Venture Café gathering.

On a monthly basis, this is a technical security break out, continuing the SecTalk Hollands series of gatherings at Venture Cafe, as part of the global SecTalks.org initiative! SecTalks is a non-profit session for technical security talks and hands-on security challenges! A forum to learn & discuss technical (in)security stuff.

As per the event series, join this break out session for a guest experts’ views and thoughts on a couple of infosec related topics, knowledge sharing and a short Capture The Flag competition! In a digital, all connected world, information security matters immensely!

Part of the monthly catch up is a walkthrough of the CTF from the previous session: winners from the last session of the CTF will guide us through how the solved the challenges! Do the same, and claim your CTF prizes as past winners have done (courtesy of Base Cyber Security).

SecTalks is a non-profit session for technical security talks and hands-on security challenges! A forum to learn & discuss technical (in)security stuff.

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