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Base Cyber Security Nullcon Conference - InfoSec Event 16

Base @ ISACA Risk Event 2023

Date: 16th November 2023

Location: Bussem, The Netherlands


Base Cyber Security will be present at ISACA Risk Event 2023!

This year, the focus will be on how ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact Digital Trust and the work of Risk Professionals. What opportunities and risks lie ahead?

At Risk Event 2023, ISACA will explore these developments through four different tracks:

  1. AI basics & foundation
  2. Responsible AI (legal & compliance)
  3. Corporate AI
  4. AI & Security

Each track features various seminars by expert speakers, and attendees can choose which ones to participate in.

Throughout the day, there will be ample opportunities to engage with speakers and fellow participants during breaks, lunch, a social gathering, and dinner.

The ISACA Risk Event is designed for (IT) Risk Managers and Risk Consultants, Security/Privacy, and Cyber Specialists, IS/IT Auditors, CIOs, Thought Leaders, Business Information Managers, Application Managers, Project and Service Managers, and IT industry Consultants.

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