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Base Cyber Security Nullcon Conference - InfoSec Event 16

Base @ IN2 Cybersecurity – Deloitte Innovation

Date: Thursday 1st June, 2017

Location: TQ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


A few years ago some of these words did not even exist. Now, they do and with them carry greater a meaning; in the near future they will mirror nothing but significance and sense. What can you do to secure yourself, the people around you, and the organization you work for; keeping in mind that it is often human error which opens the door for cyberattacks.

That’s where IN2 Cybersecurity comes into play. The session on June 1 will bring you stories and real-life examples that will inspire you to take action and help to raise awareness of potential cyber risks.

IN2 Cybersecurity: it affects you – here is why and how

During one afternoon we will take you on a short journey through the cyber threat and opportunity landscape. Meet us along with our keynote speakers:

  • Omer Ginor – Managing Director at Twitter Counter | Being hacked: from crisis management to war to regaining trust
  • Inge Philips-Bryan – Director Risk Advisory at Deloitte | What can you learn from (cyber)crime?
  • Maeson Ethard – Founder at Base Cyber Security | digging into a hacker’s mind – knowledge and capabilities an organization needs to acquire in order to stay secure

Have any questions on the event? Feel free to reach out to us & see you there!

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