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Base @ FIC 2023 

Date: Wednesday 5th April– Friday 7th April 

Location: Lille, France


Base Cyber Security will be present at FIC 2023!

The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) Europe 2023 is scheduled to occur from April 5th to 7th in Lille, France. FIC 2023 serves as a platform for fostering discussions related to a unified European perspective on the cybersecurity market, security, and digital trust. The event will encompass a forum, an exhibition, a virtual component, and supplementary discussions.

The overarching theme for FIC 2023 revolves around the question, 'Can we trust the Cloud?' This theme delves into the evolving role of public cloud computing in propelling digital transformation and the challenges associated with its security and trustworthiness.

The conference's primary objective is to assemble the entire cybersecurity and 'trusted digital' community, which includes end-users, service providers, solution providers, consultants, law enforcement and government entities, as well as academia. This collective effort aims to address operational cybersecurity challenges and contribute to shaping a digital future that aligns with European values and interests.

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