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Base Cyber Security Nullcon Conference - InfoSec Event 16

Base @ Borderless Cyber 2023

Date: Monday 11th September – Tuesday 12th September 

Location: London, United Kingdom


Base Cyber Security will be present at Borderless Cyber 2023!

Borderless Cyber Meets Privacy’ stands out as a distinctive event, as it places its emphasis on the intersection of two critical fields: cybersecurity and privacy. This conference is dedicated to exploring the convergence of these disciplines and delving into various aspects such as emerging technologies, cutting-edge research, practical implementation challenges, associated risks, and potential solutions.

By gathering experts from around the world, this event provides a unique platform for networking, fostering meaningful discussions, and fostering future collaborations. It is poised to be an enlightening and thought-provoking experience, promising to push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding in the realms of cybersecurity and privacy.

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