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Base Cyber Security Nullcon Conference - InfoSec Event 16

Base @ Nullcon GOA 2023

Date:   Saturday 23rd of September – Sunday 24th of September 2023 (Online Conference)

Location: Goa, India

Base Cyber Security is excited to support Nullcon for another year! Virtual Goa might not sound as great as Goa Goa, but with the security community gatherings, any form and shape is better not getting together!

The Nullcon conference exists since 2010 and it is a unique platform for security organizations and infosec professionals to showcase their research and technology. Nullcon usually hosts Prototype, Exhibition, Trainings, Workshops at the conference. Joining one of biggest security conferences in Asia, now online? This year in a limited online format, and lab wise, with just the IoT Village. Check the details at the Nullcon website here!

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Check out the the full details of the training days here!

Training Days!

Check out the complete schedule for the conference here!

Complete Schedule!

Past Nullcon Conferences

Event review

In 2020, Nullcon’s timing was just on the verge of the pandemic going global – so under the circumstances Nullcon fared well! From the Metadata Trap, the buy bounty, automotive security bugs, to crouching hacker killer robot and the one weird trick SecureROM hates, to lots of interesting topics, Nullcon event gave the information security community a lot.

You can find the videos from the Conference Day 1 & 2, 6th & 7th March of 2020, here!

But not only that… The past few years several great Nullcon events took place – diverse guest speakers and most importantly the majority of the information security community attending it!

Some of the infosec topics that touched upon in the conference were, the RFID hacking and IoT, to Mirai Botnet and DDoS attacks, , to responsible disclosures and bug bounties which was a hot topic (Google, Adobe Security, Microsoft Azure, Facebook) to fuzzing, IoT hacking with software defined radio (SDR) and GNU Radio, to hardware security, to obfuscation techniques, to machine learning put to work in cyber-attacks, to hypervisors and the hyberplatform, to ATM cracking, blockchain related security, to using containers / Docker in your security initiatives, to securing the cloud and application security, to DevOpsSec, to threat detection using AI and privacy.

Great  lineups, in which CxO track brought great minds together, was: Founders and Managing Directors of global security research and security specialist companies, of Secure Software Engineering, Information Security Directors, VPs of Security Architecture, and CISOs. All companies with a priority and mandate on information security. Through panel discussions connected everything information security with business, governance and overall, our society. From local to global, from the technology and talent perspective, privacy and the future of things, sharing their experience and perspective and sharing their thoughts to great questions, challenges and statements from the security community.

But it was not only the beneficial presentations that will be recalled in mind, but also the corridors and of course outside in the pool area, gardens, and of course continued to the majestic Goa beaches and many shacks on the beach – accompanied by a (few?!) local Goan King’s beer and delicious local Indian fish based dishes.

You can find the full review, with pictures, tweets and further thoughts here: Nullcon infosec conferences of the past

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