Join a global organization in the financial services sector, and aid with improving and optimizing their threat intelligence initiatives, as part of their global team dealing with intelligence, understanding threats and putting together the processes, tools and techniques to better secure the organization and its activities.

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Some of the responsibilities and requirements for the Threat Intelligence Specialist role:

  • Assess how intel and threat data is being used and put to work in the organization, including how the available data is properly utilized and integrated into security detection and response. Identify TI processes, link to high level objectives and their effectiveness,
  • Work with various stakeholders in threat intel, security and other internal and external teams, using the assessment of how threat intelligence data is utilized, integrated and leveraged as part of the overall security initiatives of the organization.
  • Analyze the requirements, and linked processes (data collection, analysis part, and detection and response connection), as well as current threat intel integrations and how they can be improved. This includes optimization and automation where possible.
  • Assess current tools, including the CTI platform, in terms of usage and how it fits with the requirements and if it’s the best solution for current and future requirements. Compare with other available TIP solutions, and help with process of moving to a new platform or continuing and improving the current platform utilization.
  • Identify opportunities of other integration and collaboration with other MDR related tooling and processes.
  • Bring experience from working in similar complex, large environments, utilizing experience and understanding of threat intelligence cycle, intelligence frameworks (ATT&CK, Kill Chain), threat intelligence platform solutions, excellent assessment skills and bringing improvement / optimization of processes, integrations and creating proper documentation where needed.
  • Utilize excellent communication skills to work with diverse, international, distributed teams.

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