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Base Cyber Security Nullcon Conference - InfoSec Event 16

SecTalks The Netherlands – Venture Cafe

Date: Thursday 19 April 18:30-19:30, 2018

Location: CIC_Rotterdam – Stationsplein 45 – 3013 AK Rotterdam – The Netherland

Details: Base Cyber Security is excited to kick off with the very first ever SecTalks in the Netherlands! It will be part of the Venture Cafe programming @ CIC_Rotterdam, so join earlier if you want. Doors open at 17:00.
SecTalks sessions are non profit community driven sessions in the form of technical security talks and security challenges. This is a great opportunity to learn more & discuss technical security topics! As this is the first session we´ll use this as a guiding meetup to gauge what the community wants to hear on information security related topics.


Base Cyber Security presents the very first SecTalks in the Netherlands


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