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Base Cyber Security Nullcon Conference - InfoSec Event 16

Base @ SecTalks Holland – Monthly Security Gathering!

Date: Thursday October 28, 2022 at 18:00
Location: Venture Cafe  at CIC Rotterdam – Stationsplein 45 – 3013 AK Rotterdam – The Netherlands


Over the last few years we had a lot of interesting (and fun!) sessions on many topics; Red Teaming, Hardware Security, OSINT and Social Engineering, Getting Started in Security Sessions, special hacking challenges, network hacking tools, hacking on the go and many more topics!

Due to Covid19 we had to temporarily postpone our sessions. But now we have great news, cause SecTalks is back! Join us in welcoming back our monthly session of SecTalks Holland, part of the international SecTalks.org technical meetups on information security, and first 2021 session! This monthly series of gatherings, touching on a couple of security topics each time, a short CTF & lots of infosec knowledge sharing.

Important: Due to Covid19 regulations, there’s limited physical presence availability so be sure to Pre-Register asap for a slot here –> https://venturecaferotterdam.org/sessions/physical-networking-area-in-person-16/. Be sure you have a valid corona check app QR code available, as it will be checked if you want to enter the bar area. This way you can take full advantage of any other VC programming that might be of interest, and of course get access to the drinks(!) bar, along with joining the SecTalks session.

We’ll also be there a bit earlier so feel free to come earlier as well and we can grab some drinks before the session starts. The bar opens at 17:00!

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