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Base Cyber Security Nullcon Conference - InfoSec Event 16

Base @ SecTalks Holland – Monthly Security Gathering! April topic: OSINT

Date: Thursday 28th of April 2022 at 18:30 (bar opens at 17:00!^^)

Location: Venture Cafe  at CIC Rotterdam – Stationsplein 45 – 3013 AK Rotterdam – The Netherlands


April’s main topic is OSINT! Join us for the monthly session of SecTalks Holland, part of the international SecTalks.org meetups on information security! We still have MCH2022  stickers & fliers to share!

Join us for another monthly session of SecTalks Holland!  Thanks for sharing thoughts on topic ideas for 2022 in last month session – taking one of the suggestions, this month’s main topic is OSINT! Open Source Intelligence is used in various ways for all sorts of uses, including infosec projects as well as gathering, qualifying and verifying information (or misinformation / disinformation – very relevant with current events!). We still have May Contain Hackers (MCH2022) stickers and info to share, and happy to discuss and exchange ideas on more topics!

As always the sessions are open to all, technical or not technical background, beginner or experienced – to share thoughts, ask questions and perhaps some stories from your experience in the topics areas discussed.

On a monthly basis, during the last Thursday of each month, this is a technical security break out, continuing the SecTalk Hollands series of gatherings at Venture Café, as part of the global SecTalks.org initiative!

As per the event series, join this break out session for a guest experts’ views and thoughts on a couple of infosec related topics, knowledge sharing and from time to time a short Capture The Flag competition! In a digital, all connected world, information security matters immensely!

Part of the monthly catch up is walkthroughs of the CTF from the previous session – when these take place: winners from the last session of the CTF  guide us through how the solved the challenges! Do the same, and claim your CTF prizes as past winners have done (courtesy of Base Cyber Security).

See you there &  be sure and check out the Venture cafe programming also for more details on other sessions taking place – the bar opens at 17:00 and lots of other things are taking place (check it out here https://venturecaferotterdam.org/sessions/break-out-sectalks-holland-monthly-security-gathering/ ) and we’ll be there also before the meetup starts at 18:30!

SecTalks is a non-profit session for technical security talks, and hands-on security challenges! A forum to learn & discuss technical (in)security stuff. Base has been supporting and helping run the Holland section since the beginning, using our innovation community and the venture cafe as a base for SecTalks Holland!

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