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Base @ PortXL

Date: Monday 12 February – Tuesday 13 February, 2018

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands



PortXL focuses on building the ecosystem that creates value for all stakeholders. They aim to accelerate start-ups in a time frame of 3 months with an intense mentorship driven program focusing on port related industries. The ecosystem consists of founders, investors and corporate partners (Van Oord, Port of Rotterdam, EY, ECE, Vopak, Boskalis, Uniper, Rabobank, Rotterdam Port Fund, InnovationQuarter, City of Rotterdam, Thales and Rotterdam The Hague Airport) that support and accelerate the entrepreneurial journey. Everything that’s done is aimed at growing and disrupting the maritime, logistic, energy, and chemical/refinery markets!

Because Cyber Security is one the focus areas this year, Base Cyber Security will be one of the mentors that advise and choose finalist startups/scale ups! Other areas are blockchain, autonomous shipping, Internet of Things (IoT), Emission Reduction,Digitalization of Logistics, Wind Energy and Ballast Water treatment. Thus information technology and information security plays a key role in the PortXL accelerator and the impact the start-ups / scale ups that are taking part are aiming to bring to the world.

Last year, Base participated and collaborated with some of the tech startups in the accelerator, helping them successfully secure their applications / platforms and bring secure products, responsibly, to the market, using security and privacy as a USP!

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