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Base Cyber Security Nullcon Conference - InfoSec Event 16

Base @ LOGIN 2017

Date: Wednesday 24th May – Friday 26th May

Location: Vilniaus,  Lithuania 


LOGIN is more than just a conference, LOGIN 2017 is the largest tech and innovations festival in the Baltic states; attracting more than 6000 attendees annually.

LOGIN is a platform where inspiring entrepreneurs, startups and innovators meet to discuss the most recent improvements and future inventions. Base Cyber Security is one of the invited speakers. Therefore, the team will keep you up to date with pictures, videos and reports on all two-day-celebration of tech and innovations over there!

Base Cyber Security is  joining LOGIN,  as a speaker;  we’re sharing insight on the increasing cyber security skills gap in Europe, and what companies can do to build knowledge and capabilities in information security.

For a detailed program for the entire event, click here!

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