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Base Cyber Security Nullcon Conference - InfoSec Event 16

Base @ FOSDEM’19 – Brussels

Dates: Saturday 2nd of February – Sunday 3rd of February, 2019

Location: ULB Solbosch Campus, Brussels, Belgium.


Open Source heaven? Get a taste of it at FOSDEM! If you haven’t managed to be there before, check it out, open registration and getting bigger and bigger every year! If you are around and have some time to catch up between the presentations, events, workshops and dev rooms let us know!

FOSDEM is one of the best free and open software conference. Two days full of interesting things to do and most importantly, meet, (re)engage and exchange thoughts with the people!

Be sure to check out the infosec track (among so many other interesting tracks!):



Other interesting tracks:

Decentralized Internet & Privacy:


DNS including DNSSEC:


Containers & Container Security [check out Kubernetes Network Security & Container + LSM (Linux Security Modules):


Hardware Enablement [check out firmware security – continuous integration for better security]:


Javascript  – check out  NodeJS  Security:


Open Source Design – check out designing for security; when UX / usability helps security.


Are you ready?
See you there!

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