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Base Cyber Security Nullcon Conference - InfoSec Event 16

Base @ Codemotion Amsterdam 2018

Date: Tuesday 8 May – Wednesday 9 May, 2018

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Base Cyber Security will be present at Codemotion Amsterdam 2018!

Codemotion is a platform devoted to developers that connect IT professionals, tech communities, and IT companies. Codemotion aims to be a hub of innovation and share the latest tech information and best practices among the tech community worldwide.

Last year Base Cyber Security supported the development community by bringing the secure development, adding security in the SDLC and understanding how an external threat will exploit vulnerabilityes, going from DevOps to SecDevOps and helping developers to get a secure development mindset,  and bringing secure products to the world. With a pre-event meetup at Base’s office on Security + Development, and presence in the event, we managed to have some great conversations, bringing the information security crowd and development crowd closer.

Among other topics, security is also part of the topics covered in Codemotion 2018 edition in Amsterdam.

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