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Base @ HITB Amsterdam 2021 ­– Virtual

Date: Thursday 27th of May – Friday 28th May 2021

Location: Online!


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in, HITBSecConf2021 will be a fully online event. Everything will be streamed live on HITBSecConf Youtube channel, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitch.

With the virtual setup the security community doesn’t miss out while on #WFH / social distancing / self-isolating mode, during these challenging times for the world & maybe even more of us get the chance to join!

The format for HITBSecConf this year includes paid training from 24th of May until 27th of May, two day paid labs and two-day conference for which the registration is free. Curated, cutting-edge technical trainings are delivered by some of the most seasoned practitioners in the computer security industry. This year’s line-up is being finalized – be sure to take a look & register (Free registration for the conference including all tracks and workshops!) here!

This year HITB is also adding HITB Studio Track! Think of it as ‘command and control’ track that you can tune in to anytime you want to find out what’s going on at the moment in the various other talk rooms, labs, workshops, competitions and more! Track 0 will also be where all speaker Q&A’s will be held, special interviews that are scheduled, alongside industry panel discussions. When no active broadcasting is happening, Track 0 will also be the hallway / music track.

For the online trainings, check out the line up here and sign up – a variety of topics (appsec, ICS security, Red Teaming, RF Hacking, Malware Analysis, Fuzzing and more). Take a look and register here!

This is the Hack In The Box Security Conference in Amsterdam! Base Cyber Security supports HITB and its efforts throughout the years, to enable the security community in The Netherlands and around the globe!

We’ll be keeping you up to date with some event highlights through our Twitter and Facebook so be sure to follow us!